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Our turnkey applications is the section that makes NCS unique when it comes to retrofitting. We have engineered more than just a few turnkey applications for our customers. Here are a couple that come mind.
Vane Tip Grinding with In-Process Gauging - This system was developed for American Airlines Airplane Refurbishing Center, Tulsa, OK. The system was installed on a BULLARD 56" twin ram VTL with a GE FANUC 15TT-B open architecture CNC control and a SONY Precision DP25 roller tip Gauge. The process begins by slowly advancing the gauge towards the vanes as it rotates at 5 RPM. After registering a hit on the longest vane in the case, that data is transferred to the CNC to establish a starting point for the rough grind cycle . After the rough grind another gauging cycle is run to establish an offset value for the grinding wheel. The CNC updates the offsets then the finish grind cycle can start. After the finish grind cycle the CNC then measures one last time to obtain a print out of each and every vane size. The interface between the CNC and the gauging cycle is a industrial grade PC running an off the shelf fast digital input board. The software was written in C++ using GE Fanuc's drivers and libraries for their Open Architecture Control System.
vane_tip.gif probe.gif
Touch Probes - NCS and Early in 1980 NCS discovered a need for probing software to accompany the Fanuc Option-Skip Signal (G31). While working a brief time at Burgmaster Corp and help from Digital Techniques, I developed a macro program that did automatic offset adjustment and spent 2 out of the 3 months I worked there traveling around the US installing probes to control the temperature growth of their machines. Along with Clarence Lehman of Tiger Engineering, together we traveled the US installing probes for Renishaw Inc. and various Machine Tool Co's. like Selway Machinery and Yamazen INC.
 The result was, this compilation of macro programs. Click on the probe to download a copy.
 Finding the center of a hole.
 Measuring a hole diameter.
 Finding the center of a square.
 Measuring the distance between two points.
 Program with nominal values and a tolerance so the CNC can notify operator when out of tolerance
 Adjust tool offsets.
 Printout of measured data.


Family of Parts Programming - Nothing unique about this item. Often times customers have a family of parts, with similar dimensions, they do not want to program each and every one, so we provide them with one custom macro program with a menu so the operator can fill in the blanks with part dimensions and press cycle start to produce the finished product.

NCS Family of Parts Systems designed and currently running at:

DIX Metals - Huntington Beach, CA.

ATR SALES - Santa Ana,CA. 

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