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Our main Product/Service is retrofitting.

We use Fanuc as our top of the line CNC control, but also offer Fagor and Mitsubishi CNC and PLC systems.

Here is a small list of companies that are currently using a machine retrofitted or upgraded by Numerical Control Services :

Amada Manufacturing - La Mirada CA.
Dix Metals Inc. - Huntington Beach CA.
Northrope Grumman Co. - El Segundo CA.
Control Components Inc. - Rancho Santa Margarita CA.
American Airlines - Tulsa OK.
Langley Aerospace - Phoenix AZ.
Laron Engineering - Kingman AZ.
Precision Roll Grinders - Lewisport KY.
Besides maintaining the equipment we retrofit, we also maintain CNC equipment at the following companies.

Atra Flex Couplings - Santa Ana CA.
Asturies Manufacturing - Corona CA.
Jetco Advanced Torque Products - Duarte CA.
Stainless Motors - Rio Rancho - NM.
RSR Tooling - Santa Ana CA.
Criterion Machine Works - Costa Mesa CA.
Our specialty is interfacing other products to the CNC Retrofit, or as an upgrade to an existing CNC by adding to, or altering the PLC program to accomodate data transfer between CNC and the peripheral  device.

We use the following languages to interface special equipment such as polygon turning attachments, probes and in-process gauging:

Visual C++
Visual Basic
Custom Macro